Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Hard Run"

Whoever named this run the Hard Run is crazy. "Torture Run" is more appropriate. Last night I picked out this run and I knew that it was going to be hard. But I didn't know how mentally challenging it would be. Mentally, this run has been my most difficult run thus far in the whole training process. Before I even hit the one-mile mark I already encountered my first big hill (the hill is located in Carousel Park and it is a good place to do hill repeats for anyone interested). The Paper Mill Road hill was killer and I had to stop once I got to the top. I just couldn't think straight at that point (at the 6-mile mark). My thoughts were wondering, but I got it together and kept going. Once I was out on Limestone Road I could feel my stride getting better, but I hit another wall not too far down the road. At the shopping center where Purebread and Wilmington Trust are I stopped again. At this point I contemplated walking over to the fountain in the parking lot to splash my face and I also realized my house was closer than where my car was parked at Carousel Park. I just wanted to quit and walk home, but then I realized I wouldn't have been able to get in my house! So I manned up and started running again, but my body was really not feeling it. From now on I will not park my car in a spot that's further than my house. It really played with my head.

The hills in this run didn't necessarily kill me - it was dehydration and heat. I worked through it, but I had to keep telling myself positive thoughts. All I could think about was... dang, 26.2 miles is really going to be hard. But then I reminded myself that there will be water stops and hopefully it won't be super hot. I HAVE to start drinking more water. I am also thinking about buying once of those silly looking fuel belts. I don't know if I can wear it though. What are your thoughts on the fuel belts? If I don't buy one of those, I am just going to plan to have someone meet me at the halfway point of my runs with water. I ate 2 ShotBloks during this run and they did help a bit. I am also going to start looking at the weather forecast and use that in addition to my schedule to plan my long runs. Looking back on the past week this is what my training looked like:

Monday: Mountain cycling class (I'd really like to thank the instructor for making us do hill climbs for an hour straight. I honestly think they helped me get up the hills today)
Tuesday: 3.5 miles
Wednesday: Body Pump
Thursday: 5.25 miles
Friday: Body Pump
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 7.78 miles

This week (training week 3 of 18):
Monday: Cycling class
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: Body Pump
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 3.5 miles
Saturday: Anywhere from 3-5 miles (my training schedule calls for my long run to be 5 miles this week)
Sunday: Off

Peace. Love. Run.

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