Monday, March 29, 2010

Thank God for Girl Scouts

I'm not sure why this post is entitled Thank God for Girl Scouts, but as I'm typing this I'm having three Girl Scout cookies. I think eating is the reason I run. I love to eat. If I didn't run/workout, I would definitely be pushing 350 pounds. I'll get back to eating later, BUT...

Since my last post I ran two times. Julie and I ran two miles at the Glasgow Park on Saturday. It was one of her shorter days and I was just looking to have someone to run with. It felt like I sprinted two miles - two miles seems like such a short run. And for some reason I thought 40 degrees meant it was okay to wear shorts, so it was a pretty COLD two miles.

On Sunday Julie and I headed up to the Delaware Running Company to look at sneakers. Thanks to Tim for outfitting us with our new kicks! This store is a really great place to go if you're in need of new shoes and want some good advice. Tim had us take our shoes off and he watched us walk. From walking he could tell what shoes would be best for us. I wasn't planning to buy new sneakers, but I definitely needed a new pair before the race. These are my new ones. Tim said you should get new running sneakers every 250 miles.

After our visit to the store, it was time for me to test out my new kicks. (I love how they feel!) Julie is resting for a few days so we weren't able to run together. I headed to Delcastle with the intention of running six miles as my schedule calls for. Four times around the park is seven miles so I ended up just doing that. I felt good. It's amazing how much of a better runner I've become over the years. When I first started distance running when I was 16 I beat myself up mentally every time I had to run. I always thought I was going to die. Now I don't know what I would do if I couldn't run. Running makes me feel strong not only physically, but mentally.

I finished my seven mile run in 67 minutes. I'm pretty happy with that time especially since I haven't done any significant distance in a few weeks. Incubus and Coheed and Cambria kept me moving on Sunday.

Today my leg muscles are sore - in the "I just had an awesome workout" kind of sore.

So looking ahead to this week's training schedule:

Today I was supposed to stretch and strengthen, but that didn't happen.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to run four miles, but I doubt that will happen. I have class on Tuesday nights and tomorrow morning I get the stitches out of my leg.

Back to my earlier ramblings about eating. In the coming weeks I am going to focus more on my eating habits. I need to cut out some of the coffee I drink and pay more attention to incorporating foods from all of the food groups. And, unfortunately, Girl Scout cookies and coffee don't count. I've noticed that coffee suppresses my appetite big time so I need to be aware of that and make sure I'm drinking less coffee and eating more healthy foods. I also need to drink more water.

Peace. Love. Run.

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