Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Blogger

I'm such a lazy blogger, but not a lazy runner. I've been training hard lately.

I don't remember everything since my last update, but last week was SMOKIN' HOT in Delaware. Some planning was required!

Last Monday I was still in Georgia, but ran a little over 5 miles at a really nice trail with Katie. It was a combination of boardwalks and cement and through the woods and past cow pastures. Very pretty! On Tuesday I ran the cross country course (3.1) at White Clay Creek. It was hot, but the shade was nice. I finished around 28 minutes. I was happy with that time especially with the temperature and the hills. Wednesday I did my long run because I went away for the weekend. I did a nice 9 mile run and it was hot, but I was feeling good. I finished in 81 minutes. Thursday I went to RPM class and Friday I did Body Pump. Saturday and Sunday were both off days. Overall it was a really good, productive week. I'm getting my eating habits under control and I'm happy to report that I've been eating better and my pants are fitting better. I think it's mostly in part to the increase in mileage.

So this week...

On Monday I ran on the treadmill at the gym for an hour because it was pouring out! I kept my speed between 6.4-7.0. My average pace was 6.5 and I burned more than 770 calories. Woop woop! Tuesday I ran at the Nature Center and did the White Bridge loop. I think it's close to 6 miles. I'm not really sure - but I finished in 51 minutes. I felt I was going at a pretty good pace so I'm pretty sure the run was closer to 6 miles. On Wednesday I did Body Pump and they just released the new workout! The second half of the workout is much better than the first. This morning I went to RPM class and the new workout is AWESOME!! I worked it! This weekend I need to find time to run 10 miles. I'll fit it in, but it will be interesting to find the time!! Next week I want to focus on some more speed and hill workouts and my long run is only 7. We decrease a bit in mileage so it will be a good time for the other workouts. The following week we bump it up to 12.

That's all! Just wanted to give my 2 fans an update.

Peace. Love. Run.

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